Monday, December 21, 2009

In Liue of Words

Here is the blog post that you have all been clamoring for. I am too busy and tired to write anything profound, but I had a few sights from my time so far that I wanted to share. They count as 1000 words each. All the pictures with the (A) beside them are courtesy of Amanda, the other apprentice here at Nature's Harmony. Enjoy!

Curing bacon

Thanksgiving with the Shay family -David = :(

Don't mess with Rosy. She's the boss cow.

Pork chops with apple chutney, collard greens,
mashed potatoes, and beer
That's a good dinner.

Tim wooing our new dairy cows

Making beer happen with one of the coolest guys in town

Grass is good.

A bad trip to the Oliver Police Department
Watch out for speed traps!

The incubator (A)

The Garden

Garden Harvest

Keg o' brew and bluegrass at the campout

Poulet Rouge means "Red Chicken". Brilliant!

Where I spend most of my waking time at home

Ana and the pups chowing down. (A)

Sheep (A)

Pounder. 'Nuff Said. (A)

This is called my "game face".

P.S. This counts as my Christmas present to you. If you don't like it, file your complaint with Santa.